This form allows you to compute the parameters of equatorial satellite communication networks in Kerbal Space Program. It was designed for use with the RemoteTech mod, but may be useful with the communication network support added to KSP version 1.2 as well. It helps create communication networks that provide local coverage around a celestial body. It does not directly assist with the creation of relays between bodies, but it does provide some information needed to do so, such as the minimum polar altitude and maximum latitude, which constrain the orbits of relay satellites.

Parent information

Radius (km): GM (m3/s2):

Satellite information

Range (km): Number:

Instructions and tips

  1. Select the body around which you want satellite coverage, or create a custom one by entering the radius and gravitational parameter of the body.
  2. Select the type and number of communication satellites, or create a custom type by entering the satellite range in the box. Click "Compute Altitudes" if you change the range or number.
  3. Select an appropriate altitude for the satellites by dragging the slider and observing the characteristics of the resulting network. You can gain greater precision by using the arrow keys or changing the altitude in the text box.
  4. Hover your mouse cursor over underlined terms for definitions.
  5. When deploying the satellite network, the most important thing is to match the orbital periods very accurately. The satellites' orbital periods should match to within a tenth of a second or less. Reducing the engine thrust limit to the minimum value helps.