Japanese - Under Construction

Actually, I've realized that it will take forever to type up all this stuff. And also that I have no site traffic, so nobody will even be reading this stuff. So, I'm not planning to finish this section anytime in the near future. It's incomplete and has errors.


Okay, there's a lot here, but it's all surprisingly regular and systematic, for the most part.

Verb Topics:
  • Verb Basics - The basics of Japanese verbs
  • Conjugation - The basics of conjugation
  • Helper "Verbs" - Auxiliaries, adjuncts, helpers, whatever you want to call them
  • Conjunctive Form - Usages of the Conjunctive Form
  • Dictionary Form - Plain, casual form
  • Negative Form - Used to create negative (and other) expressions
  • Conditional Form - If/when X occurs...
  • Imperative Form - You will do X!
  • Volitional Form - I will do X!
  • -te Form - A general conjunctive form used to connect with other words in a multitude of ways
  • -ta Form - The perfect tense
  • -tara Form - Another conditional form
  • -tari Form - Expresses multiple or an indeterminate number of events
  • Credits - Books and resources from which I learned