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Picture Sorter
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Picture Sorter is a program that makes it easier to rename, rotate, and resize large numbers of pictures, generate thumbnails for them, and convert their image formats.

Features / Documentation

  • Rename - Quickly rename large numbers of pictures.
  • Rotate - Rotate one or more pictures with a single keypress.
  • Resize - Resize images quickly and easily, even if the images have been rotated.
  • Thumbnails - Generate thumbnails for images with a flexible naming scheme.
  • Convert - Bulk convert images between formats with a single click.
  • Crop - Easily crop your images.
Full documentation is available by pressing F1 from within the program.


Executables: (271kb) Release 5 - released January 18, 2011


Before running Picture Sorter, you will need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, if you don't have it already.


Release 5 - released January 18, 2011
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash if you converted an image from JPEG to PNG and back to JPEG
  • Fixed a bug that caused some images to be clipped when converted between formats
  • Added the ability to set the JPEG quality level
Release 4 - released May 8, 2010
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash if you attempted to select a group that didn't exist with the keyboard
Release 3 - released January 23, 2009
  • Added automatic group creation based on filename
  • Added support for selecting multiple groups at once
  • Improved keyboard support by making the selection move to the image after a group of reassigned or deleted images
  • Updated help text
  • Made the help file accessible from the crop dialog
  • Miscellaneous minor tweaks
Release 2 - released January 12, 2009
  • Fixed a couple bugs
  • Added image context menu
  • Added image cropping
  • Added basic drag and drop from the image list
  • Reduced package size
Release 1 - released January 11, 2009
  • Initial release

Source code

The source code is available here.
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