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.: bedding arrangements | 2003-03-10 10:36AM :.
I went skiing this past weekend. The bedding arrangements were such that four guys (myself included) had to sleep in the loft. Some of the guys I was travelling with went up to check out the "room". From what I heard, we were supposedly provided with an alarm clock, two single beds (for four guys?!)... and a jar of KY jelly. Among other things, I thought "Is this some kind of sick joke??". When I went up to look, I saw the alarm clock and two single beds, but no KY jelly, thankfully. I was still in shock/anger over the bed situation, though.

I later found out that there were mini mattress-on-a-rack beds underneath the single beds. Oh well, it was an inexpensive trip, even though it lasted four days. I guess they had to cut corners somewhere.
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