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I was recently thinking about my upcoming trip to Japan, specifically how I could avoid paying thousands of dollars in hotel fees. I asked a friend from Japan, and she mentioned "capsule hotels". Upon inquiring further, I found out that a "room" consists of racks of drawers, three high. And you sleep in the drawers. And there are other people sleeping in the other drawers. Creepy.

If you don't believe me, here's a picture. Apparently this is a higher-class one because the drawers are only stacked two-high (and so are taller). And you get in and out of these drawers by yourself. It's like the dead awakening. Like zombies coming home to the morgue after a night of brain-eating.

Christ. If I can't find an alternative (like a host family), that's where I'll be sleeping. *shudder*
I still can't get the image of that zombie morgue out of my head.

[UPDATE: I did sleep in a capsule hotel. Although I was told that I'd have to sleep in a drawer, it turned out it turned out that they were more like cells in a beehive. They didn't open and close -- you just crawled in. That didn't make it much better, though.]


Capsule Hotel 2003-06-08 08:05PM
Yap, It is true.
Just try it and have a first experience in a drawer.
Possibly it may be comfy! ;-)
an anonymous Jonathan Livingston
well, no zombies 2003-12-17 05:02AM
Well, I spent 9 nights in a capsule hotel, and it wasn't so bad! Although by "not so bad", I mean it was better than sleeping in the station with the homeless people (which I also tried). Oh yeah, and there was a little TV, and since this was in Japan, 2 of the 10 channels were hardcore porn. (!)

The capsule itself could even be described as comfortable, if you don't mind not being able to stretch out. But with so many people in the same room, it got too warm for me to sleep well. I'll post some pictures when I finish chronicling my trip.
your trip 2004-06-16 10:48AM
Have you created web page about your Japan trip?
If you don't mind, I would like to see it.
an anonymous sukki lee
yeah 2004-06-24 05:18AM
Yeah. Check it out.

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