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Fallujah, Iraq

In this article, Jo Wilding reports first-hand on atrocities perpetrated by US troops in Fallujah. There is no cease fire. This article in the Guardian, regarding the US' heavy-handed tactics, and this call for help which expands upon about how the US is slaughtering people trying to escape the violence, underscore the seriousness of the human-rights violations and the irony of our so-called peace-keeping operations there.

George Bush brushes off all questions with the same answer: "Saddam is evil. We're good. Iraq is a much better place with us there." And when Bush says, in a speech referring to Fallujah, "I know what we’re doing in Iraq is right," I can't help but doubt his judgement as a whole. Bush seems proud to admit that he neither watches the news nor reads newspapers, preferring to get all his knowledge of the outside world from a hand-picked group of advisors. I wonder if he does this so he can claim innocence through ignorance for the effects of his actions on others.

In a press conference in Baghdad Easter morning, when asked about images of scores of women and children and hundreds of unarmed men, young and old (basically anyone that went out of their house, even to get food or water), shot by US snipers in Fallujah, Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt declared that people should just "change the channel" (to a Bush-sanctioned news source, no doubt). The US forces' blatant disregard for human life makes me feel ashamed to be considered an American citizen.


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