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Microsoft: Who do you want to execute today?

I found a video made by Microsoft in the 90s, featuring Bill Gates as the Doom marine! There's even a Bill head at the bottom. If you notice, Bill's playing with cheat codes. What a lamer! I just love it though -- "Don't interrupt me." Haha!

It's really too bad that Microsoft no longer has the guts to make cool stuff like this. All those lawyers ruined the company.

Here's the video (11MB).

I learned that this video wasn't Bill's idea. Rather, the creator of DirectX, Alex St. John, asked him to do it for a Halloween gaming event, which featured a Doom tournament for all the top gamers in the US, a bunch of games, and a get-together for all the industry's game developers, to mark the release of DirectX 1.0. Bill thought it would be funny, but the PR guys tried vigorously to prevent it from being shot or shown, even going so far as to confiscate the tapes, but somehow Alex got the tape and made it happen. Unfortunately, the quality of the video I've got is pretty low. Supposedly, Bill was making all kinds of funny faces in the headshot at the bottom. Sadly, Microsoft doesn't host events like that anymore.

(P.S. "Who do you want to execute today?" is a play on Microsoft's late 90s slogan "Where do you want to go today?")


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