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a dream


Before he died, my maternal grandfather lived in a large and beautiful home, which he built by hand. The home featured in a dream I had this morning. In the dream, it was very much bigger and grander. I was staying there with my family, and we discovered that the house was burning down, although the fire was raging in some other part. This forced me to wander through it, looking for my things and warning people. As I wandered, I was impressed by the character of the place. Every room was uniquely amazing in some way, and beautiful, with classic and/or fantastic architecture. I passed by the olde tyme movie theatre and bowling alley (my grandfather had been a lover of these, in the dream anyway), meandered through a small, futuristic department store stocked with only the most outrageous fashions, passed gorgeous baths, and took a moment to reflect in the "Golden Room", a bright, elliptical room ringed by gold-backed mirrors and filled with unique gold-alloyed floor tiles, each of which contained a tribute to a person that had been important or inspirational to my grandfather. Many tiles had complex three-dimensional shapes, and next to each person's name or engraved effigy was an ornate button appropriate to them that, when pressed, would cause a short clip of recorded speech from that person to be played. I saw many other places, and wept at the loss of such character, charm, and history. (Of course, lots of crazy things happened, too, because it was a dream.)

Anyway, the reason I mention this is that after I awoke, I tried to recall how the house actually was, and found that all my memories had been overwritten with dream memories! Every feature I tried to recall was replaced with the dream version, if it existed. Super freaky! I wonder how many of my memories have been falsified in this way. (Eventually, I was able to remember it by thinking of activities I did there [i.e. "video clips" rather than still images]. So now things are back to normal. Phew!)


Are they? 2011-01-02 08:49AM
Lucky you :-) Or maybe you just think that your memories are back to normal ;-) I've got my dreams and reality so messed up that I honestly do not know what has happened for real and what is not.
an anonymous Anonymous
me too 2011-01-24 08:37PM
That has happened to me a couple times. :-)

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