October 24, 2016 18:15:27
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You shouldn't wallow in self-pity. But it's OK to put your feet in it and swish them around a little. -- Guindon
Recent updates:
(improved support for multi-chunk patches)
AdamMil.net library
(rational type, CRCs, etc)
WebDAV server
(feature complete, documentation, package)
(This American Life downloader)
AdamMil.net library
(arbitrary-precision integer type, etc)
(quick intercepts, time advancement)
(initial release)
AdamMil.net library
(high-precision floating point type)
(three new tools)
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This is the web site of Adam Milazzo. This site consists of some software I've written, varied rantings, my résumé, pictures of some of my art and baked goods, and a few other things. To find out more about me, see the about me page. Or, just choose one of the links above.

(By the way, I'm not the Adam Milazzo who was convicted of murder in Alaska. :-)
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